About Carrie

Carrie Hoch-Spagnolo has believed in the transforrnative power of makeup since she was a little girl. As a child, she watched her mother hard at work in her cosmetics store, painting the faces of her customers with beautiful color palettes. She was amazed that something as simple as the right shade of lipstick could give a client newfound confidence and joy.


Today, Carrie feels that same joy making clients feel beautiful as part of her freelance practice which includes creating youthful natural looks for luxury weddings and preparing celebrities and socialites for special events or television appearances. She enjoys making her customers look their best as she helps the special moments of their lives unfold.

Carrie is grateful for the opportunities her clients have provided and has formed special personal bonds with many of those she serves. She has a place in her heart for everyone her brush touches, from the bride-to-be to the bat mitzvah girl. Her devotion to clients cannot be overstated and she credits them with making her the artist she is today.


As a second generation makeup artist, Carrie has worked in a variety of settings in all facets of the beauty industry. She has years of experience managing upscale salons and spas and has brought her talents to photo shoots and fashion shows. Her beautiful clients can be found all over New York and in surrounding areas, but Carrie also enjoys hitting the road for destination weddings or on-location events.


Working for the prestigious Laura Geller Make-Up Studio in New York City’s Upper East Side for over a decade, Carrie developed a loyal fan base who rely on her to this day. To her delight, her practice has grown from word of mouth, and she is always excited to meet new clients. In addition to beautifying her already lovely clientele, Carrie is now developing signature products to better serve their needs.


As the operator of her own small business, Carrie has come a long way from her mother’s cosmetics store, but to this day bringing joy to her clients is still what motivates her.


“What I love about the city is that every day of the week, there is always some special event happening,” Carrie said of her bustling business. “I am forever grateful to everyone who seeks me out and invites me into their lives. I so love my clients and my career! I mean seriously, to spend time with someone, to share in making them feel beautiful and to see their smile to me is priceless!”